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Tavleen Kaur

News Writer Head

I believe working together with a goal makes you more affirmative and successful towards it, some have goals some have a conscience, when both come together I believe that’s when a lawyer is built up as it’s said - people getting lawyers instead of their own conscience, so be their guide!

Sejal Makkad

Content Writers Head

I believe in working hard for everything you want to achieve in life. Every time you fail, you pave a way for a new beginning. Learning from failures is all one needs to do. The team of Justvocates wants to bring out the best version of your learnings.


Prachi Rathi

Content Writers Head

Prachi Rathi is a 4th-year student pursuing BBA-LLB (Hons. with specialisation in corporate laws) from UPES, Dehradun. She has an eye for keen observation, detail researching capabilities and good linguistic skills which further compliments her studies. She is an active learner and has active listening skills along with time management, team and individual work sprit with punctuality and has an assertive nature and possess strong work ethics.

Chelsea Gola

Human Resource Department Head


Who doesn’t want to stand out? What makes the difference is the will power and confidence to take that one actual step and begin it all, right from where you exactly are. It’s never too late, and in case you’re late; better late than never. The right time to begin is now. I shook hands with my passion and had all the courage to reflect my unique personality in the crowd of thousands. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but once you’ve done it, you’re gonna sound like me. And it’s nothing but the pride that I feel to be able to work towards my aspiration. I hope, and I believe, one day my work will bring (for the least) one change in the not so organised society


Arnav Singh

Research Head

Law supports the principle of eternal justice. So, the public expression is the source of rights which facilitates justice and thus, new dimensions open up giving rise to a new universe for the better existence of human beings in the society.


Kavya Bhatnagar

Human Resource Department Head

Life is all about decisions u make at every point of life. It either results in achievement or a lesson. I'm an enthusiastic learner and very keen observer. I'm blessed in having the ability to put my thoughts into words. My passion for travelling and exploring things helps me to know different aspects of a particular thing. My urge towards contributing to society has always motivated me to work beyond others.

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Aastha Sharma
Public Relations and Outreach Senior Head

Aastha Sharma is a 4th-year law student with a specialisation in criminology. I am vocal about gender stereotypes with a keen interest in networking and zeal to learn new things. I wish to work for the upliftment of sex workers and help them attain their legal rights. Also, I am an avid reader of the Hogwarts series and strongly believe in magic and karma.


Shivam Chaturvedi

Social Media and Communications Head

Learning is a never-ending process and I want to fill my bucket with such learnings that not only inspire me but also motivate me to work harder than before. His areas of interest include Judiciary; Constitutional, Criminal, Contractual and Tort Laws. He is an avid learner and an enthusiastic researcher, studying the impact of Law on society and its practitioners, imposed by legislators.


Drishti Bansal
Social Media and Communication Head

Drishti Bansal is a 2nd-year law student pursuing BBA LLB from UPES Dehradun. She has an interest in building communications and conversations and is interested in exploring new things in different fields. She is an active worker with strong work ethic.

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Sakshi Rathi
Social Media and Communication Associate

Law supports the principle of eternal justice. So, public expression is the source of rights that facilitates justice and thus, new dimensions open up giving rise to a new universe for the better existence of human beings in society.


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