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JustVocates Project Shuruwat is in association with Shuruwat Foundation. Shuruwat Foundation is a government registered NGO. It started in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in 2019 and was recognised with the government in March 2020. The aim of the organisation is to reach out to as many people in the areas of human development, Environment development, creating awareness for women safety and wellness, Helping underprivileged people to get jobs and opportunities and  Children welfare. Shuruwat Foundation is a big family with the utter motive to serve society.


RSVI is a charitable organization professionally managed by a team of committed social workers having experience of more than 30 years and technical expertise in the field of education, training, research, employment, networking, advocacy and consultancy services pertaining to the social, psychological and economic rehabilitation of the visually impaired. It aims at achieving perfection to the satisfaction of both the beneficiary and the benefactor.


 JustVocates Project NGO in association with the Rehabilitation Society of Visually Impaired. Together we are pledging to dispense our services to rightful and imperative causes. The vision of RSVI is let the blind to hold the torch and the mission is to empower a blind in such a manner that s/he is capable to extend helping hand to non-disabled persons. The ultimate goal is to empower the visually impaired in becoming independent and making others independent.


Together building a Common Platform for Uncommon People.