Should politics be inculcated in students?

By Vedanshi Jalan-


Democracy means government for the people, of the people and by the people. Therefore, check and balance is the lifeline of any democratic country. And this check and balance is something that is entirely based upon politics.

To begin with, I would like to pose a question in front of you all. Who do you think is the future of our nation? The answer probably is that we, the youth are the building block of our nations. It is we who are going to be the torchbearers of our country after 7-8 years. I believe experience and perseverance bring out a perfect human being and makes him/her specialized in the fields he/she wants to be in. I am trying to bring out that if one is being taught the art of politics via the introduction of school councils and groups in their growing stages, it will help them become better politicians. At later stages in life as politics cannot be engraved within someone in a short period as it requires understanding ground issues, toiling hard to find the reasons and applying suitable remedies to solve them. Nobody can understand the real and the ground reality of the nation more than the youth, as the young minds are capable enough of observing and grasping up things in an efficient manner.

Youth driven country:

Only the youth can understand things as only the youth who are being affected the most by the dirty games of politics. The reason I am saying this is that there have been multiple situations where the youth of our country have suffered, the most recent one being the 2020 Jawaharlal Nehru University incident, wherein more than 39 innocent students and faculties were injured when more than 50 masked people fully equipped with rods, sticks, acids entered the campus. And after the incident, instead of focusing on better governance to stop such things, the political parties were more focused and interested in blaming the game.

As commonly said, those who have suffered understand suffering and therefore extend their hand. Youth would make a difference in the nation if provided with a chance in a better and efficient manner.

Also, young people make up a massive proportion of the voting population as in conformity with statistics of 2019, India has nearly 1.3 billion population, and youth makes 1/5th of the total Indian Population, so they must have sufficient knowledge about political issues, its functioning and its importance. If they are completely unaware of it, I am sure that the majority of votes will go in vain, and the possibility of wrong selections would increase if such a huge section of the population won’t be informed and if their votes are influenced either by their family, or their community or done without their conscience.

It has also been seen that the youth of our country have been setting up benchmarks in all the other spheres and are leaving their mark in the world. Like Anang Tadar, a grade 9 student made a pair of glasses that helped the visually impaired people to navigate hands-free. Another example could be Rifath Sharook, an 18-year-old genius who developed the world’s most miniature satellite. Unfortunately, India is seriously lagging in better politics, transparent accountability of officials, speedy and non-biased governance. It is only these young souls filled with vigour, enthusiasm, robustness and that add spark to the dull and dawdle politics and serve natural justice to the word ‘politics.’

Other factors that revolve:

Now, I would also bring into the limelight that our nation sincerely needs the active involvement and participation of youth in politics. It has been 75 long years of independence, yet the politics of our country has the same lacunae and has been caught up in the same vicious circle with never-ending problems and sooner or later, it could lead to the stagnation of politics. Only the youth who with their innovativeness and ingeniousness could act as a catalyst and become the game changers as they are in the same status quo with the situations unlike the elderly people and therefore would improve the prevailing conditions.

Furthermore, India is a democratic country, with two complete envious political parties who are in eager thirst to serve their self-serving bias rather than subordinating their interest for the nation’s interest dig in chances to bring down or pull down the other even on the smallest of issues making the issue a mountain out of a molehill. So, it is quite obvious that any State-Runned University or any other institution with government involvement would always try to be a step ahead and give better facilities to the students to prove that they are doing the best for the nation. And it is generally seen that the student councils of such Universities have better accountability as they are directly associated with either of the political parties and the governance though only a competition between left and right-winged, runned university still give better infrastructure or facilities to the students and the youth are highly benefitted out of it so more or less via the introduction of the competition of politics in the university, it is only the youth who is getting benefited. Let’s take Delhi University, which is also a government university but is considered the best university in the country.

The state-run university holds primary importance in our nation, as India is still a poverty-stricken nation. Therefore, the youth who belong to such unfortunate sections of society must receive adequate facilities. Though they are receiving it because the political parties strive hard to win the race of earning fame, what is important is their benefits.

Also, the youths involved in politics are seen to be budding as good and reliable professionals as they have been into the scenario of politics and know its crucks. An example could be Vijay Goel, an Indian politician, social worker, activist, and former Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports who, while studying at Delhi University, joined RSS and ABVP and has grown as a very good politician after becoming the youth president of BJP in Delhi.


Stating the above-said points, I feel that, “Yes, Politics should be inculcated in students”. As it is via the means of politics that the entire nation is running, it is only the politics because of the framework of politics that the existing political parties work for the betterment of the country. I would also like to quote the words of Winston Churchill, who said, “POLITICS IS NOT A GAME BUT A SERIOUS BUSSINESS” and I believe that serious businesses require a lot of hard work, experience and knowledge which can and should be inculcated within the students from their initial stages as it is only these students today who are going to be leaders tomorrow.





Author- Vedanshi Jalan


Xavier Law School, XIM University, Bubhneshwar

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