A lot of trouble has been stirring between Google and Australia. This is because Australia proposing a new bill in which the tech companies, such as Google and Facebook are being asked to pay a license fee to the traditional media companies and the local news publishers. Google displays the content of these media companies in the Google search results and as a result, the Australia-based media houses have been facing huge losses while Google has been significantly growing in the past years.

Digital media has been gaining prominence in the last few years and as a result of the same, the local news channels and media bodies are facing huge losses, this is due to the reason that the budgets of advertising have been pushed over from the various traditional media companies to the giant tech companies such as Google and Facebook.

And as a result, the Australian media houses have been suffering a huge amount of loss due to this, the digital marketing apps, which display information of these local and traditional media companies on their search results have been growing and gaining popularity, as a result, most people have switched to such digital apps which have caused a huge deal of damage and loss to the traditional media companies who in turn are responsible for creating and advertising the news which is being displayed by the Big Tech companies.


As a result of the losses which the traditional media companies have been facing, the Australian Authorities have proposed a new bill highlighting this issue, and the tech companies have been asked to pay a license fee to the traditional media companies in turn of displaying their news and content in the search results.

The authorities argue that the media houses are responsible for the creating and covering of news, and that is the reason why the search engines are able to fetch results- because the results have been supplied to the tech companies through the medium of the media companies, and hence, if there exist no media companies, then there would be no results on the search engines for the same, and hence, it is the obligation of Google and other tech companies to share the revenue with the local media platforms and companies as they are partly responsible for the growth of tech companies.


Google authorities feel that this proposal by the Australian Authorities is unfair, and it would wholly disrupt the mechanism of how a search engine works, Google has also openly stated that if this bill happens to become law in Australia then Google will be forced to withdraw its search engine from Australia entirely.

Google says that they are against this bill as this would bring them a huge monetary loss. Another concern for Google is that, if they give in and agree to the terms this would serve as a precedent to other countries, and various other countries would be motivated to do the same, which in turn would cause a huge loss to Google.

As a result, both sides are not giving in, Australia is all set to pass this legislation saying that this is in the interest of Public interest journalism.

The parliament of Australia is all set and ready to pass the new media law which would make the huge tech companies such as Google and Facebook finally pay the traditional media houses and news publishers for displaying the content they make. This legislation has been designed in order to support public interest journalism in Australia.

This legislation is the result of many media companies, big and small arguing on the fact that Google ends up making more money from the news and the analysis, articles which are provided to Google through their medium, and as a result, the users would be more prone to switch to Google rather find the traditional sites. As both sides are not backing down, Facebook has threatened to block the Australians from sharing news and Google has been running a public campaign against the media code arguing that it is unfair for them. Moreover, the managing director of Google Australia has threatened to remove search from Australia, She also said that this may act as a dangerous precedent for most of the companies, and Google may end up incurring a huge loss because of such legislation. The government intends to level the playing field by passing such legislation.

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