Pregnant women should take vaccine for safety of self, child

10th July,2021

Pregnant women should take vaccine for safety of self, child

“Pregnant Women's should take the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible as we now know that the virus brings along some serious complications with itself, including pre-term delivery,” NITI Aayog (Member), Health, Dr. V.K. Paul said at a Health Ministry press conference on Friday.

Dr. Paul said it was now established that COVID-19 infection during pregnancy might result in rapid deterioration of the mother’s health and could also affect the foetus.

“Pregnant women who develop COVID are more likely to require intensive care than their non-pregnant counterparts. Apart from the mother, there is risk to the child in case she contracts the infection to child. Pregnant women should get vaccinated very early. It is very important and now the Ministry has released guidelines for the vaccination of Pregnant Women's too,” said Dr. Paul. On July 2, the Health Ministry announced inclusion of pregnant women in the ongoing vaccination drive after it accepted the recommendations of the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation on this matter.

Dr. V K Paul mentioned that the second wave was not over yet. “The war is not over and as long as the virus is present in some areas of the country the threat always remains. It is also a sign that the situation can explode any time if we aren’t careful,” he said.

Dr. V K Paul said that “until we get down to reporting less than 10,000 cases per day for at least three successive weeks we are not safe. The current rate of new cases indicates that the virus will take an upper hand soon if we don’t follow precautions,” he said.