Politics of 'religion-based vote bank' has no relevance, BJP's only religion is development: Jitendra Singh

31st Mar,2021

Politics of 'religion-based vote bank' has no relevance, BJP's only religion is development: Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Tuesday said that "governmental issues of religion-based vote bank" has no importance in the country, and the lone religion for the BJP is "improvement and advancement alone".

Blaming the Congress for spreading bogus purposeful publicity among the minority networks, especially Muslims, "to harm their psyches" against the BJP, he said that the resistance consistently abused the minorities as a weak vote bank and played with their conclusions, however was never genuine to them.
Singh, who is a Minister of State in the Prime Minister's Office, said that in this Assembly political race, those from the minority networks who were misdirected by the Congress gathering and AIUDF last time in Assam will decide in favour of the BJP administration.
The clergyman held a progression of public conventions in minority local area overwhelmed Assembly electorates of Baghbor and Jania.
He affirmed that directly from the hour of freedom, the Congress built up its technique of abusing the assessments of minority networks in a bid to get the most extreme portion of their vote.
Nonetheless, with time, this system was meeting the destiny of consistent losses since now individuals are considerably more stirred and most of the electors involved the third era of post-freedom adolescents who reason out their inclination prior to projecting their votes," said Singh, the BJP's co-in-control for Assam.
He inquired as to why the Congress party, in 65 years of rule both at the Center and the state, didn't consider achieving changes like the law against triple talaq "to serve Muslim sisters".

"Had the gas chamber sent by Prime Minister Narendra Modi under Ujjawala conspire at any point segregated based on religion or position and was it at any point enquired whether the family where the free gas chamber was being conveyed was a Muslim family or a Hindu family?" Singh inquired.

Probably the biggest extensions of the nation had been dispatched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the province of Assam "however was there at any point any condition set out that the scaffold can be utilized simply by a specific local area and not by different networks", he said.

"It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has tried to present another political culture dependent on equity and prerequisites of the last man in the last line, paying little mind to his religion or confidence. The BJP is following the mantra of 'equity for all, settlement of none," Singh said.