Need To Take Steps To Reintegrate Women Prisoners Into Society: Chief Justice

16th Sep,2021

Need To Take Steps To Reintegrate Women Prisoners Into Society: Chief Justice

The Chief Justice of India NV Ramana said on Wednesday that imprisoned women often face more serious prejudice, stigma and discrimination, making their rehabilitation a formidable challenge, and noted the plight of female prisoners.

"As a welfare state, we are obligated to provide women prisoners with programs and services that enable them to effectively reintegrate into the society, on an equal basis with men," the Chief Justice added.

The Chief Justice made the above remarks during a keynote speech at the 32nd session of the National Legal Service Authority (NALSA). He is also pleased with the report on the rehabilitation of female prisoners, which has been included on the agenda for consideration.

The trial judge also envisaged certain measures to reintegrate female detainees into society, such as "access to education and training, decent and paid work without discrimination".
In recognition of the work done by the Legal Services Authority during the recently organised Lok Adalat on September 11, the Chief Justice congratulated the Legal Services Authority for solving more than 2.95 million cases in the country’s 33 states and federal territories.

Chief Justice Ramana also emphasised the need to improve "access to justice" and pointed out that "Although there have been many discussions on improving access to justice, the question remains how to ensure that people of all levels can effectively and in large numbers. Access to justice? The
meeting was co-chaired by Judge UU Lalit, Executive Chairman of NALSA, who emphasised the problem of overcrowding in prisons and the need to take immediate measures in this direction.