Links Mamata Banerjee's Nephew Abhishek to Coal Mining Scam; Alleges His Family Received Funds

9th Apr,2021

Links Mamata Banerjee's Nephew Abhishek to Coal Mining Scam; Alleges His Family Received Funds

The ED has claimed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's nephew and TMC MP Abhishek Banerjee's family profited by unlawful assets got from certain illicit coal mining in the state under a "profound framework" of political support driven by a "very much oiled" apparatus. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) made these cases Wednesday in a remand note introduced under the steady gaze of an exceptional court looking for upgraded care of West Bengal cop Ashok Kumar Mishra, additionally the controller responsible for Bankura police headquarters.

The cop, aside from TMC youth wing pioneer Vinay Mishra's sibling Vikas Mishra, was captured by the ED for a situation which has nearby dealer Anup Majhi moniker Lala as the excellent suspect. The assessor was captured by the ED here on April 3 and the court had sent him to guardianship till Wednesday. The court expanded his ED remand till April 12.

The ED case under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) was documented in the wake of contemplating a November, 2020 FIR of the CBI asserting a multi-crore coal pilferage trick identified with the Eastern Coalfields Ltd mines in the state's Kunustoria and Kajora zones in and around Asansol. The ED, in the remand note, asserted that specific unlawful mining cases were thriving in the state under the "support" of the ideological group in power. The office associated the police officer to Majhi, Vinay and Vikas Mishra, going up right to the Abhishek Banerjee's family.

The Diamond Harbour MP has denied these claims. All coal resources fall straightforwardly under Center and are watched by the Central offices. In the event that BJP thinks TMC pioneers got cash from those illicitly working the coal resources, at that point what's preventing Center from examining all offenders who neglected to deal with these public resources? he had tweeted recently. He added, "Additionally it is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS that as per BJP, Coal Ministry and Home Ministry authorities were more distinctly following TMC pioneers' requests than tuning in to their own managers' (Read Modi-Shah's) orders! Whom are you tricking." The ED said archives seized from Majhi and Niraj Singh showed the previous had "kept up itemised coded records as instalments made to different elements from the returns of wrongdoing produced from illicit coal mining".