Learn about the seven Hindu temples that have been vandalised and destroyed by Islamists since 2020

6th Aug,2021

Learn about the seven Hindu temples that have been vandalised and destroyed by Islamists since 2020

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan uses every international platform (related or unrelated) to rant about India's alleged oppression of minorities. But he has rarely looked in his own backyard to see how Hindu, Sikh, and Christian minorities are faring in Pakistan.The growing threat of forcible abduction, rape, and marriage of Hindu girls, particularly minors, in Pakistan is well known. However, the atrocities against the 2.14 percent (Hindu population) do not end there. In the neighbouring country, attacks on Hindu communities, their homes, businesses, and even temples are on the rise.

In Pakistan, how many Hindu temples have been attacked in the last year?In July of last year, an under-construction Lord Krishna temple, which was to be Islamabad's first Hindu temple, was attacked. The Capital Development Authority had to order a halt to construction after local Muslims razed the temple's boundary walls.The city authorities approved the temple's construction and even allocated funds, but later stated that any construction using government funds should be referred to the Council of Islamic Ideology, a government-approved body that advises on religious matters. The Hindu Panchayat is now building the temple with its own funds.and caused damage to the main door, another door in the upper storey, and the staircase.

The Mata Rani Bhatiyani Devi temple has been vandalised.
Another Islamic mob vandalised the Mata Rani Bhatiyani Devi temple in Chachro, Tharparkar, Sindh Pakistan, in January of last year, allegedly setting fire to Hindu holy books.According to reports, the mob also desecrated the goddess statue and blackened the face of the idol.

According to an India Today report, the Evacuee Trust Property Board board manages only 13 of Pakistan's 365 Hindu temples, leaving the responsibility for the remaining 65 to the persecuted and impoverished Hindu community and the land mafias.