India ranks among top 10 in ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index

30th June,2021

India ranks among top 10 in ITU’s Global Cybersecurity Index

India has made it to the top 10 in Global Cyber-security Index (GCI) 2020 by ITU, moving up to 37 places to rank as the tenth best nation in the world on key cyber-safety parameters.

The affirmation by the UN body of India's efforts on cyber-security, comes just before the sixth anniversary of Digital India on July 1. India is emerging as a global IT superpower, asserting its digital sovereignty with firm measures to safeguard data privacy and online rights of it's citizens.

As per the ranking, India has moved up by 37 places to rank as the 10th best nation in the world in the GCI 2020 launched by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on June 29, 2021.

The US topped the chart, followed by the UK and Saudi Arabia tied on the second position, while Estonia was ranked third in the ranking.

India has also secured the 4th position in the Asia Pacific region, underlining its commitment to cyber-security.

Global Cyber-security Index assessment is done on the basis of performance on five parameters of cyber-security including legal measures, technical measures, organisational measures, capacity development, and cooperation. The performance is then totalled into an overall score.

For each of the five aspects, all the countries' performance and commitment were calculated through a question-based online survey, which further allowed for the collection of the supporting evidence.

Through in-depth consultations with a group of experts, the questions were then weighted and assessed, to arrive at the final scores.

The GCI results for India shows substantial overall growth and improvement under all parameters of the cyber-security domain. India scored a total of 97.5 points from a possible maximum of 100 points, to make it to the tenth position worldwide in the GCI ranking 2020.

India has worked relentlessly on all the five pillars over the last few years, resulting in significant strengthening and improvement in its ranking in Global Cyber Security Index.