India is unlikely to permit the return of four Kerala women who joined the Islamic State

1st July,2021

India is unlikely to permit the return of four Kerala women who joined the Islamic State

After their husbands were killed in attacks, they surrendered.
According to a senior government official, the four Indian women imprisoned in Afghanistan after accompanying their husbands to join the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) are unlikely to be allowed to return home.

In the years 2016-18, the women, all from Kerala, travelled to Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Their husbands were killed in separate Afghan attacks. The women were among thousands of Islamic State fighters and affiliates who surrendered to Afghan authorities in November and December of this year.On April 27, the head of the National Directorate of Security, Ahmad Zia Saraj, told reporters in Kabul that 408 Islamic State members from 13 countries are being held in Afghan prisons. There were four Indians, 16 Chinese, 299 Pakistanis, two Bangladeshis, and two Maldivians among them.

Mr. Saraj also stated that the Afghan government has begun negotiations with the 13 countries in order to deport the prisoners.

While Afghan officials in Delhi declined to comment, senior officials in Kabul indicated that they were waiting to hear what India planned to do.According to a source, there is no agreement among various government agencies on the return of the four women, and they are unlikely to be allowed to return. The women, who were accompanied by their children, were interviewed in Kabul by Indian security agencies in December 2019, a month after their surrender.
In March 2020,, a strategic affairs website, published a video of the three women being interrogated. Sonia Sebastian alias Ayisha, Raffeala, Merrin Jacob alias Mariyam, and Nimisha alias Fathima Isa were identified as the four women in the video. A senior official added that two other Indian women and a man had surrendered to the authorities.