IDTC To Take Parliament Canteen From Northern Railways.

23 oct 2020

IDTC To Take  Parliament Canteen From Northern Railways.

Lok Sabha Secretariat has send a letter to the Northern Railways, to pack up and move on from parliament which has been serving food since 1968. On November 15 the Northern Rialways will hand over the parliament canteen to ITDC by putting an end for the 52 years service .
The ITDC (Indian Tourism Development Corporation)r runs the luxury five-star Asok’s group of Hotels.”the competent authority has desired that the operations of the catering units in parliament house estate be taken over by ITDC 15.11.2020”,the leter stated.”The Northern Railway may accordingly hand over the electronic gadgets viz computer printers etc. Provided by the lok sabha secretariat to ITDC and furniture items,equipment gadgets etc to CPWD for being handed over by them to ITDC”,it said.IDTC n ow focusing on the quality of the food served in cateen and also to end subsidiaries.The canteen servers over 5,000 people during every session and total of 48 food items on its menu.