Get vaccinated and motivate others too: President

28th June,2021

Get vaccinated and motivate others too: President

The President Ram Nath Kovind on Sunday visited his native village, Paraunkh which is in Kanpur, as a part of his five-day visit to Uttar Pradesh, the Rashtrapati Bhavan said.

This was Mr. Kovind's first visit of his village after taking over as President, it said. He also visited his ancestral house that has been now converted into a community centre for the village, it said.

Addressing a public event, the President said he always derived inspiration from his birthplace to go forward and work for the nation.

“The President also remembered many prominent people of his village who have played important role in strengthening the ideals of social unity, religious tolerance, harmony, awareness for education and consciousness of duties in the village environment. He said these values impacted his thinking and perspective towards the society,” it said.

He said when he was in school, the village had only primary education facility and students had to go out for secondary schooling.

“He said he had felt at that time that if there had been a secondary school here in our village, even children who did not get an opportunity for higher education would have been able to pursue higher studies and would not have been deprived of the benefits of education. In those days, it was almost impossible to send girls out of the village to pursue higher education. He was happy to note that today the children of Paraunkh village are getting education at the Veerangana Jhalkari Bai Inter College which is great to see.”

He emphasised on the importance of education, saying it opened up new opportunities for development of an individual growth.

On the pandemic, he said it had caused great disruption of life and the adverse impact was pervasive and tragic.

“Many people have lost their loved ones during this pandemic. To fully eradicate this pandemic, we still need to be extremely cautious and follow the precautions. He said Uttar Pradesh, the most populous State, has taken comprehensive and effective steps for investigation, prevention and vaccination to curb the further spread of COVID-19.”

He said there had been an augmentation in awareness of health because of the pandemic and there was a need to highlight importance of personal and public hygiene.

“The President said the vaccination drive is going on all over the nation and also in Uttar Pradesh. He said vaccine is like a shield for protection against the COVID-19. Therefore, one should not only get vaccinated oneself but also motivate others to get vaccine drive.”