COVID-19 could fuel more conflict, poverty, starvation, says UN

11 Sept 2020

COVID-19 could fuel more conflict, poverty, starvation, says UN

The warning has been given by top UN officials that the COVID-19 pandemic has provoked discrimination and other human rights violations that can fuel conflict,and even in the most fragile countries of the world can be effected by its indirect consequences.

On Wednesday UN political chief Rosemary DiCarlo and UN humanitarian chief Mark Lowcock to the UN Security Council painted a grim picture of the global impact of the pandemic which has overlaid the world with over 26 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 860,000 deaths.

About a third of the cases and casualties are in countries affected by humanitarian or refugee crises, or those facing high levels of vulnerability, said Mr. Lowcock.

He added that testing in many fragile countries is very low and in some places many people are insecure to seek help, perhaps fearing being quarantined or fearing if they couldn't get proper medical treatment , thus the full extent is still not clear.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs said, "However, many expired without an extension, resulting in little improvement on the ground."

Mr. Lowcock said that 27 countries “are now at risk of a serious deterioration in food security” and that, without prompt action, “child wasting”, or acute malnutrition. In the first year of the pandemic this could affect an additional seven million children.