Courts cannot order DNA tests when there is no proof of adultery: SC

5th Aug,2021

Courts cannot order DNA tests when there is no proof of adultery: SC

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court expressed that DNA tests couldn't be requested to build up the authenticity of a youngster brought into the world during the means of the marriage in case there was no proof of infidelity. A Bench of Hon'ble Justice Dinesh Maheshwari and Hon'ble Justice Veneet Saran has saved requests of Bombay High Court and the lower Court that had permitted a man to arrange a kid's DNA test in a wedding case. The man affirmed that he was not the kid's natural dad and that his better half had relations with different men. The Bench alluded to Section 112 of the Indian Evidence Act and expressed that DNA tests couldn't be requested beginning ceaselessly, and the High Court and lower Court had blundered. According to the Court, there must be some essential proof of infidelity then, at that point just can a court do a DNA test.


The couple being referred to got hitched in 2008, and a little girl was brought into the world in 2011. Following six years, the man documented a separation appeal. Afterward, he documented an application for DNA testing in the family court. Under the steady gaze of the Court, the man expressed that he may be the kid's dad as he utilized assurance while having actual relations with his significant other.

Case Before the Apex Court:-

The wife's insight presented that no charges of infidelity were made in the separation request, and no claims were made in the appeal too. It was expressed that the claims evened out are bogus. In the wake of hearing the gatherings, the Court subdued the request for a DNA test and saw that without essential proof by the respondent, there must be auxiliary proof in instances of infidelity. Along these lines, the request was saved. Nonetheless, the Court recommended that the gatherings ought to go for a separation settlement. The advice for parties presented that they would attempt to persuade their customers, and a court gave a date.