China coronavirus vaccine may be ready for public in November

15 Sept 2020

China coronavirus vaccine may be ready for public in November

An official with the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said, as early as in November the Chinese Coronavirus vaccine may be ready for general public.

Till now in their final stage of clinical trials, China has developed four COVID-19 vaccines. Under an emergency use programme launched in July, atleast three of the vaccines have already been offered to essential workers.

In an interview with state TV late on Monday, CDC chief biosafety expert Guizhen Wu said, clinical trials of phase 3 were proceeding smoothly and in November or December the vaccines could be prepared for the general public.

Without specifying which vaccine, Guizhen Wu said she didn't experience any abnormal symptoms in recent months, after taking an experimental vaccine herself in April.

Amongst the four vaccines, three of them are being developed by a unit of state pharmaceutical giant China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm) and US-listed Sinovac Biotech under the state's emergency use programme.

Earlier this month Leading Western vaccine makers pledged to uphold scientific study standards and ignore any political pressure to rush the process.