Brother on Kerala Dowry Death: I Was Unaware of Abuse for 8 Months

24th June,2021

Brother on Kerala Dowry Death: I Was Unaware of Abuse for 8 Months

Vismaya V Nair, a colourful 23-year-old woman, aspired to find a partner with whom she could have long chats when she considered marriage. She knew she had met the proper match when she married Kiran Kumar, an assistant motor vehicle inspector with Kerala's transport department, on May 31, 2020.

Despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage, Vismaya had chosen Kumar over a slew of other suitors. “They were head over heels in love. At least, that's what she told us before our relatives helped us form an alliance.On June 21, Vismaya allegedly committed suicide. She was discovered hanging in her husband Kiran Kumar's bathroom in Sasthamkotta, Kollam. Kumar was allegedly pressuring her for dowry, according to her family. They claim she was also a victim of domestic violence. Her brother stated, "She was compelled to end her life." Vismaya was a "active and bold" girl when she was a student at Kollam's Anjal Sabarigiri school. She used to compete in Margamkali and Oppana (traditional dance forms) competitions at the district-level youth festival every year. Candidates for the district level are chosen from among the best performing school performers.Vismaya was optimistic in the months leading up to her wedding. “She used to be in charge of her own online dating page. Her brother stated, "She was certain that she had to choose her own groom." Kumar first reached out to Vismaya using her brother's phone.

“Kiran expressed an interest in speaking with her. They got along well on the phone, and she appeared content. But his family was picky when it came to dowry,” Nair lamented. The groom's family received word from a relative that dowry was expected. When her life ended, she was studying to become an Ayurveda doctor and was about to take her exams,” Nair added. Her brother claimed that such a "brave" woman would "unlikely" commit suicide, implicating her husband.We were prepared to hand over her half of the property to her. “My father pledged to contribute as much as he could,” Nair said. The family promised 1.5 acres of land, 100 pavans of gold (eight grammes), and a car worth Rs ten lakh.Vismaya had not reported the alleged harassment she had experienced throughout the first eight months of her marriage. Kumar reportedly asked her to leave his home after the family failed to send the remaining promised assets. “When she returned home three months ago, she told us that he had harassed her during the marriage, even beating her. The car we offered him, she claimed, was the final straw. Nair continued, "He didn't like it."

Kumar allegedly complained that the car did not provide adequate mileage. He supposedly used to pick fights with Vismaya in order to get a better model.