Ban on single use plastics from July 2022

14th Aug, 2021

Ban on single use plastics from July 2022

The environment ministry has released a draft announcing the ban on the single use plastic from coming year July. The ministry notification on the plastic waste management amendment rules ,2021 prohibited the manufacture ,import ,stalking ,sale and use of single use plastic.

Poly bags with thickness less than 50 Micron are already banned ,now from September 30 this year Polythene bags under 75 Micron will be banned. And from December 31st next year Polythene bags under 120 microns will also not be allowed.

The ban will not be implemented on commodities made of compostable plastic. The items banned from the next year are ear buds,plastic flags, icecream sticks , Candy sticks ,cups , glasses, invitation cards ,cigarette packets ,plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns etc.

The reasoning behind such Ban is that the collection cost of such plastic are high,they damage and harm environment to a greater extent and in return a little economic cost is gained, observed a ministry official.

The central pollution control board, along with state pollution board will be responsible for banning ,identifying violations, and imposing penalty as prescribed under the environment protection act.