Army , Air force personnel to participate in SCO exercise being held in Russia

16th Sep,2021

Army , Air force personnel to participate in SCO exercise being held in Russia

A combined team of 200 Army and Air Force personnel are in Russia to take part in Exercise Peaceful Mission, being held between the member-states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) from September 13 to 25 including Pakistan and China.

Separately, the 8th edition of the Indian Army Chief’s Conclave, a gathering of the serving and former Chiefs of the Army Staff, is scheduled to be arranged in the national capital from September 16 to 18. The Army said in a statement that the limelight of the three-day event will be the invite offered to former Chiefs of the Nepali Army, who were also Honorary Chiefs of the indian army.

The 6th edition of Exercise Peaceful Mission is being led by Russia in the Orenburg Region of South West Russia.The Army stated that the aim of the exercise is to encourage close relations between SCO member-states and to boost the abilities of the military leaders to command multi-national military contingents.

Before this, the contingent underwent training and preparation under the supervision of the South Western Command. They were admitted to the exercise area by two

The exercise would ensure sharing of best practices between the armed forces of the SCO nations. The Army noted that the exercise will also give an opportunity to the armed forces of the SCO nations to train in Counter-Terrorism operations in an urban scenario in a multinational and joint environment. The scope of the exercise encompasses professional interaction, mutual understanding of drills and procedures, foundation of joint command and control structures and elimination of terrorist threats.

On the Chief’s Conclave, the Army stated it was a forum for “exchange of ideas between the old guard and the current leadership of the Indian Army.”

The former Army Chiefs would pay tribute to the fallen soldiers at the National War Memorial on September 16 and an interactive session with senior officers of the Army was organised the next day for exchange of ideas and views on various administrative and HR aspects. They were also scheduled to meet the great soldiers who grossed laurels for the nation in the recently concluded Tokyo Olympic Games, the Army added.