Afghan government airstrikes kill 24 civilians

22 Sept 2020

Afghan government airstrikes kill 24 civilians

On Sunday in northern Afghanistan 24 civilians were killed including children, and injured six others by Government airstrikes, witnesses told The Associated Press.

30 Taliban fighters were died by the airstrikes , the Afghan Defense Ministry said. But by added information it came up that civilians were also there among those were killed.

A house belonging to a Taliban fighter was targeted initially, said the villagers.

The airstrikes was condemned by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid and said that no military protection was there in the area at the time of the airstrike.

Also Saturday at NATO’s Resolute Support base in southern Kandahar six rockets were fired. NATO could jeopardize the U.S. peace deal in which the Taliban have promised not to attack U.S. and NATO forces if the Taliban were behind the rocket fire, NATO said in a statement.