Supreme Court Dismisses Plea To Allow Millions Of Warkaris To Perform Pilgrimage To Temple In Pandharpur

19th July,2021

Supreme Court Dismisses Plea To Allow Millions Of Warkaris To Perform Pilgrimage To Temple In Pandharpur

Supreme Court on Monday excused the appeal looking for bearings to State of Maharashtra to give authorization to Warkaris of Sant Namdev Maharaj Sansthan and different gatherings of Warkari group to be permitted to stroll from their doorstep till the sanctuary at Pandharpur. The seat headed by Chief Justice N. V. Ramana was hearing the request testing the refusal of authorization by Maharashtra to do the quiet parade of Dindi which is digestion of Warkaris who initiate their otherworldly excursion presenting the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The Pandharpur Wari looked for bearings to permit warkaris and 250 enlisted palkis to finish the yearly journey to Lord Vithal Temple, testing the choice by the Maharashtra government to just permit 10 'palkis'.

"The province of Maharashtra has permitted 10 'palkis' to travel. They have not picked 1 which is in Pandharpur, which is simply the lower part of the sanctuary. It is the origin of Sant Namdev. If it's not too much trouble, require my 'palki' to be endorsed", implored the promoter showing up for the candidate. "You know the pandemic. You know the circumstance in the country. Also, you need that there ought to be no limitations? We can't do this", said the Chief Justice, excusing the request.

Recorded through Advocate Swati Vaibhav and drawn by Advocates Rajsaheb Patil and Shreyas Gacche, the supplication presented that there has been a separation on grounds of the State Government just permitting a couple of Warkaris to go for the Pandharpur Wari for the benefit of everybody. Expressing that by permitting "in a discretionary way" just 10 palkis to shape the Dindi rather than the 250 enlisted palkis, the request battled that State of Maharashtra will make difficulties for the Warkaris from Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in finishing their wari which ordinarily begins from their home to the sanctuary of Lord Vitthal arranged at Pandharpur.

"The Violation of Article 14, 19(1)(d), 21 and 25 of the Constitution of India. The State of Maharashtra has discretionarily denied the authorization to play out the Vari. The Wari is a deep rooted custom. Last year in the wake of Corona Virus the warkaris themselves had not squeezed for the wari. Be that as it may, this year individuals are more mindful about the sickness and will follow the convention"