"Vandalised: TMC goons attack another BJP worker’s house after election victory in Bengal"

5th May,2021

"Vandalised: TMC goons attack another BJP worker’s house after election victory in Bengal"

On Sunday (May 2), the home of a functioning BJP laborer named Bishwanath Dhar was assaulted by TMC thugs. The episode occurred in Ghola Mallikpara in Panihati region in the North24 Parganas region of West Bengal.

Following the triumph of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) in the West Bengal State Legislative decisions, party punks have targetted a few BJP laborers and allies. On Sunday, the TMC thugs broke into Dhar's home and vandalized his property. Supposedly, the gangsters originally obliterated the CCTV cameras and afterward started plundering the BJP specialist's home. They tore open the almirah and took money and trimmings. On out, they additionally harmed his Maruti vehicle and a Royal Enfield (slug) bicycle.

A video of the occurrence has now surfaced on the web, which shows the degree of harm and plunder submitted by the reprobates. Family things could be seen lying around in a tumultuous way. It can likewise be seen that the window sheets are broken and that little bits of glass lay dispersed on the floor. Lowlifes had pelted stones into the house, the proof of which can be seen clealry in the video."Sob video kor aar patha police ke. Arokom ottachar. Amon toh karor bari o bhangchur kore ni… Ai bhaba keu khoti kara.. (Record everything and send it to the police. Such barbarities submitted against us! No other house has endured this degree of defacing. Does anybody harm another person's home like this?)," a lady could be heard grieving in the background.Within long periods of winning races, TMC gheraoed the gathering office of BJP in Hastings, torched party office in Arambagh and assaulted BJP pioneer Suvendu Adhikari who crushed Mamata Banerjee. On Monday (May 3), News18 columnist Payal Mehta had shared the CCTV film of one such dangerous assault. In visuals got on camera, the brutal crowd assaulted the place of a BJP laborer on Sunday evening in the Kasba territory of South Kolkata. At around 15 seconds into the video, a Trinamool Congress banner could be spotted. The thugs at first attempted to kick open the entryway of the house. Nonetheless, when this fizzled, they tossed punches and assaulted with blocks and sticks.

On Sunday (May 2), a BJP specialist named Avijit Sarkar took to Facebook to portray the nerve racking story of viciousness that he was exposed to by the TMC thugs. The video was transferred only hours before he was lynched to death by the reprobates. "I don't have the foggiest idea how to come live (on Facebook). They flung bombs directly before my eyes and vandalized my home and the gathering office. My lone mix-up is that I am a BJP specialist.," he described.

Avijit Sarkar had educated that he was a canine sweetheart and had embraced a few road canines, which he found in the city in a powerless state. Pointing towards his canine, "I had brought her from Sealdah. She had brought forth a few doggies. They butchered the young doggies hardheartedly." The BJP laborer separated into tears.He said that the assault occurred in Ward no. 30 in the Beleghata neighborhood in Kolkata under the oversight of TMC pioneers Paresh Paul and Swapan Samandar.