"Ultimate Insult’: Rebel Congress leader Anand Sharma trashes allegations of `Hobnobbing with BGP"

6th Mar,2021

"Ultimate Insult’: Rebel Congress leader Anand Sharma trashes allegations of `Hobnobbing with BGP"

Senior Congress pioneer Anand Sharma, who hosted scrutinised the get-together's tie-up with Indian Secular Front (ISF) drove by Muslim pastor Abbas Siddiqui in West Bengal, on Thursday destroyed gossipy tidbits that he was 'fraternising with the BJP'.

Sharma, likewise a noticeable face of the revolutionary G-23, said, "This is an extreme affront. I can't elevate canal rubbish and trash with such a reaction for whom this is regular environment can flourish in it".

On Monday, he went under assault from his own gathering after he said that the partnership was against the "Gandhian and Nehruvian secularism" and the gathering can't be particular in battling the "communalists". Sharma, a previous association serve and a head of the gathering of 23 which had kept in touch with Congress president Sonia Gandhi requesting authoritative redesign, said the issue of "partnership" with an extreme gathering like the ISF ought to have been talked about and endorsed by the Congress Working Committee (CWC).

On inquiries of parting or leaving the gathering, he added: "We are long lasting Congressmen and authors and developers of the gathering and devoted lifetime and will keep on putting forth all potential attempts to reinforce and empower the gathering". The senior Congress pioneer said that their "solitary goal is to resuscitate and re-empower the Congress. Just a solid and joined Congress can challenge the BJP strength and reestablish the truly necessary equilibrium in the public political story which is fundamental and must in any majority rules system".