"No intention to cast aspersion on High Court lawyers:" SCBA President Vikas Singh clears the air

14th June,2021

"No intention to cast aspersion on High Court lawyers:" SCBA President Vikas Singh clears the air

Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Vikas Singh has explained that his assertion on Supreme Courts legal counselors being more "exemplary" than their High Court partners was uniquely for the restricted reason for guaranteeing thought of Supreme Court attorneys for arrangement as High Court judges and there was no goal to project any maligning on capability of High Court legal advisors. The explanation was given on Sunday after Singh's June 8 letter had created a ruckus from different High Court bar relationship the nation over which took issue with Singh's remark in the letter.

"Reference to Supreme Court legal advisors being 'more worthy's in my letter to the Chief Justice of India was for the restricted motivation behind guaranteeing their thought for height by the High Court collegiums on equivalent balance premise and there was no aim at all to project any slander on the legal counselors rehearsing in various High Courts," Singh said in his explanation.

Singh had, through a correspondence to SCBA individuals on June 8, 2021, asserted that CJI Ramana had consented to a solicitation by them to consider lifting Supreme Court legal advisors as High Court judges.

One of the assertions in the letter had, notwithstanding, caused extraordinary offense among other bar affiliations. "Inspite of having tremendous experience and openness in managing a wide range of issues identifying with common, criminal, sacred, business law, and so on, the attorneys rehearsing in the Supreme Court are seldom considered for rise by the High Court collegium as they don't routinely rehearse under the watchful eye of the High Court and keeping in mind that being expertly more commendable than their associates at the High Court, free the chance for being considered thusly," Singh's June 8 correspondence said.