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Justvocates is a group of legal enthusiasts with a primary objective to widen the possibilities of one's thinking capacity and enhance their knowledge to the fullest. We endeavour to encourage and inculcate the students of law as well as legal professionals the spirit of legal research and develop their interest in the unexpected areas of law. We strive each day to build a narrative that is more diverse, more inclusive, more progressive – so that we shall be blessed with a tomorrow that is diverse, inclusive, and tolerant!

The theme that we cater to at Justvocates is to create an open-access online platform to generate discourse on law and policy, so as to eliminate the dearth of knowledge and curiosity at the university level. 

We are constantly working on the lines to encompass this space by providing legal researching and writing on all aspects of the law.

Our scope is not limited just to a particular domain, moreover, we tap into areas as wide as Foreign affairs, Economics, Jurisprudence, Politics, Contemporary Issues, keeping in mind our motto to deliver a voice and the right kind of opinion to uphold for one and all.

With their aggregation and syndication of articles, news and commentary from thousands of legal thinkers, JustVocates is more than a publishing solution for lawyers, it is a launching pad for a community that is passionate about exchanging ideas, sharing opportunities, and making the law more accessible to all.

Socio-Legal Awareness

JustVocates initiates to make every law student experience the success story from different Judges, Legal Professionals and Academicians LIVE. Also, creating a platform for all the young law students and lawyers to discuss the various laws and amendments which comes for society.

Lex Events

Call for blogs, article/essay/research papers, competitions, seminars, moot court competitions, webinars, MUNs, debates and every opportunity which you can avail.

Live Talks

JustVocatesconsists of a team of lawyers hell-bent on figuring out ways to make the law more accessible. We associate with different school/ colleges,institutions/organization to spread legal awareness and promote education.



Chetna Alagh


Everything teaches us something if we are willing to learn. I am an avid learner who never misses an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and sharpen my skills. I believe nothing great ever happens when you are sitting on the sidelines. I am someone who believes in starting a change and taking charge when others are afraid. I feel that words have incredible power and I take the utmost joy in presenting my thoughts into words. My creativity helps me think out of the box hence making challenges easier. I wish to be the change I want to see and raise awareness for causes which will lead society towards a better future.

Vibhuti Sharma

Deputy Head

I believe learning is a process and no matter how hard you try, you will never know enough. I believe the thought is the key to creating reality. I use my imagination to visualise a perfect scene of the change I want to see. I feel thoughts and words has the power to influence and inspire people. The ideal day to start is today. It is just that you have to step in. I warmly greet my energy and passion which motivates me to work for imperative causes. We at JustVocates bring our best foot forward to bring crucial insights. 


Anjali Sharma

NLSIU, Banglore

"It was a beautiful experience working with this wonderful team. Thank you for taking me on the right path".


JustVocates is a legal website and an e-journal with an endeavour to encourage and inculcate the students of law as well as legal professionals the spirit of legal research and develop their interest in the unexpected areas of law. 


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